Omarosa reportedly leaves her shoes 'all over' the White House

It seems Kellyanne Conway isn't the only one having trouble keeping her shoes on in the White House.

According to a new report released by the Washingtonian, Omarosa Manigault has been leaving her shoes around the capital building. Michael Dubke, who was the former White House Communications Director for Trump until this past June, revealed the peeve in a recent interview. 

When asked about his time working with Omarosa, he said, “I think she’s got a lot of shoes -- because she’d leave them all over the White House."

According to Dubke, Omarosa reportedly turned a "temporary space" in the West Wing into her personal shoe closet. 

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"We had this desk in Upper Press that was a temporary desk for somebody who didn’t work in the West Wing. But she’d come over for meetings and other things. And her shoes were always there, different pairs. So we had a collection of Omarosa’s shoes," he explained. 

White House staffers feared her littered shoes would become a safety hazard, so they were forced to kick her footwear "under the table." 

Earlier this week, the 41-year-old director of communications for the Office of Public Liasion was slammed when it was revealed she attempted to host her bridal shoot in the White House, but was forbidden to release the photos for security concerns. 

h/t Washingtonian

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