How 'omelette du fromage' guy who crashed live TV broadcast became Twitter's latest star

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Maxime Switek got more than he bargained for when he asked Meka Anyanetu (right) to answer a few questions on live TV following Joe Biden's victory.
Maxime Switek got more than he bargained for when he asked Meka Anyanetu (right) to answer a few questions on live TV following Joe Biden's victory.

Ahh, the joys of live television. While French journalist Maxime Switek was speaking live from Washington DC on news channel BFMTV following the announcement of Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election, an ebullient American was only too keen to share his joy, as well as his love of France. The hilarious clip soon went viral worldwide on Twitter. Forbes even managed to track down the person that the internet had been calling "omelette du fromage" guy.

Meka Anyanetu is evidently something of a Francophile. The 30-year-old became a Twitter sensation after agreeing to answer a few questions in a live broadcast by the French journalist, Maxime Switek, speaking from Washington DC on France's BFMTV. "I love a croissant. ... I love an omelette du fromage [sic]," he tells the journalist -- who can't help but laugh -- as he talks through his facemask. The clip was shared on Twitter by Pierre Le Texier (with the caption "J'en chialle," or "I'm crying"), communications advisor with the "Renaissance" delegation to the European Parliament, where it has gained over 82,000 likes. The video has been watched some nine million times and counting as it goes totally viral.

A star is born

After sharing his joy about Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election, the shirtless but facemask-clad American followed up by declaring his love of France. "I've been to France, it's beautiful. I ate escargot. I love a croissant, hon hon hon. I love an omelette du fromage, hon hon hon," Meka Anyanetu continued when the BFMTV correspondent thought the interview was over.

Tracked down and interviewed by Forbes , Sunday, November 8, Meka Anyanetu said he had studied French at Michigan University, and he's a big fan of France: "The French are great," he said. "I love French food. I love the basic jam there. I love the clothing. I definitely want to come back there and I can't wait to travel. That was one of my plans this year that was canceled by covid."

Caught in the euphoria of the historic moment, the Francophile has a slight lapse in grammar, declaring his fondness for "omelette du fromage," when the correct way of saying "cheese omelette" in French is "omelette au fromage." However, he told Forbes that, in the heat of the moment, an episode of the Cartoon Network show, " Dexter's Laboratory " popped into his head, where the main character is trying to learn French and gets stuck repeating the phrase "omelette du fromage."

Meka Anyanetu said he hoped he hadn't offended anyone: "Not only have I been in France, but I've traveled by myself," he said. "Let your audience know and let the Francophone world know that. I'm not just some oblivious American who watched one TV show," he explains.

On the back of his media buzz, Meka has decided to make use of his newfound and unexpected international fame by using a Venmo account to raise funds for his next trip to France: "I also need money for a new shirt," quipped the internet star.

As for Maxime Switek, the journalist said of this moment of TV gold: "What's really nice, is that it's a burst of laughter that's making a buzz! Both of us found it funny, we really had a laugh, and I'm a good audience, so I was cracking up, and it makes me happy that this laughter has done everybody good. I think that's a good thing."