OMG. Charlize Theron Shaves Off Her Luscious Hair For Mad Max!

OMG. Charlize Theron Shaves Off Her Luscious Blonde Hair!OMG. Charlize Theron Shaves Off Her Luscious Blonde Hair!

Charlize Theron with her son Jackson in Beverly Hills today

Well that’s one way to grab our attention, Charlize! Spotted stepping out in Beverley Hills today, the Snow White and The Huntsman star sported a distinctly new look: a closely-shaved back and sides! Despite attempts to hide the shocking lack of locks under a grey fedora hat, Ms Theron's hair-do was were clearly visible.

OMG. Charlize Theron Shaves Off Her Luscious Blonde Hair!

Charlize Theron at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards earlier this month

So is Charlize starting a daring new GI Jane beauty trend? Err, no. In fact, the motivation behind the newly-shorn hair was the South African actress’s new role as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Cripes, talk about commitment to a role! 'It's been three years: It's time to skin this cat already!' Theron said last month in anticipation of the new look. 'I'm very excited about it.' Surprisingly, we are too. Because if anyone can pull off a shaved head, it's Charlize.

Of course, it wasn't long ago that we gasping at the sight of Anne Hathaway having her hair chopped off in the trailer for 'Les Misérables'. The gorgeous actress bravely ditched her luscious brunette tresses in order to play Fantine in the new film and we admit it's taken us a while to get used to the drastic cut. And let's not forget Natalie Portman shaved her head to star in V for Vendetta, Demi Moore sported the look in G.I. Jane and Sigourney Weaver went shaved in Alien3.

So is losing your locks for a role the true sign of a bona fide actress? You tell us...

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