One dead, dozens injured in Ohio mass shooting

One person has been killed and at least 24 others injured in a mass shooting in the US state of Ohio.

The incident happened just after midnight local time (05:00 BST) in the city of Akron.

Officers at the scene, near Kelly Street and 8th Avenue, discovered dozens of bullet casings and a gun, according to local media reports.

No one has been arrested or identified as a suspect and an investigation is under way, the Akron Police Department has confirmed.

Akron's mayor, Shammas Malik, said officials were offering a $22,500 (£19,656) reward for information leading to an arrest.

Local media reported that gunfire erupted as roughly 200 people were gathered at a birthday party.

"Everyone was wearing white T-shirts; there were women on top of vehicles dancing. It looked like a scene from a spring break movie," one eye witness told a local ABC affiliate, describing the scene before the attack.

In a statement to the BBC, the Akron Police Department said at least 25 people had been shot, and one person was killed.

They later confirmed that person's identity as Lateris Cook, a 27-year-old father from Akron.

Authorities also said that many of the victims' injuries were non-life-threatening, but added that some were in a "more serious condition".

Mr Malik and Police Chief Brian Harding later issued a joint statement on social media promising to "bring those responsible to justice".

"Our city is reeling after the devastation of senseless violence," it said.

"With more than two dozen victims, the pain and trauma reverberates across all of Akron today as we search for answers."

It also reassured anyone with information about the shooting that they could come forward anonymously.

"We need you to speak up in order to prevent further violence and retaliation.

"Our city government and our Akron Police Department will continue to prioritise public safety as our number one concern as we aim to end gun violence in our community."