One influenza case detected in Selangor, student diagnosed with Hib

Hariz Mohd

SHAH ALAM: After Perak and Kelantan, Selangor has become the next state to be hit by an influenza case when a school student here was tested positive for Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) Tuesday.

The case came to the attention of the Selangor Health Department when they received a report from a private clinic which received the 14-year-old student.

The department director Datuk Dr Zailan Adnan said the patient was taken to the clinic in Shah Alam on Tuesday for fever and cough, before a doctor there carried out a rapid test.

“From the report received, the rapid test found that the student was infected with Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria.

“Following this, the doctor had given the student medication, including antibiotics, and medical leave so that the student can rest at home. The doctor had also advised the student to stay at home until the student’s health improves.

“So far, this was the only influenza case found in Selangor,” she said when contacted yesterday.

Dr Zailan said there was no reason for public to be alarmed as only one case was detected in Selangor so far, and that Hib is treatable.

She said Malaysians are also vaccinated against Hib from a young age.