One person reported dead as Russia strikes same energy facility in Lviv Oblast third time in a row

Missile strike
Missile strike

Russia launched cruise missiles at the critical infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast that was hit on March 24 and 29, Head of the Lviv Oblast Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, reported on Telegram on March 31.

According to the officials, an administrative building was destroyed, and a fire broke out, which was quicly dealt with by firefighters.

Kozytskyi noted that there still may be people under the rubble, rescue operations are ongoing.

Russian missile attack on March 31 - what is known

An air alert was declared in several regions of Ukraine due to the threat of a new Russian attack on March 31. Russian missiles attacked West of the country, explosions were heard in Volyn and Lviv oblasts.

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Poland scrambled fighter jets into the sky because of Russian massive missile attack on Ukraine.Ukrainian Air Force reported that air defense destroyed 18 air targets.

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In Odesa Oblast, falling debris of a downed drone caused a fire at one of power facilities, leaving several villages without power supply.

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