'One thing he was not, Mr Trump, was a sucker or a loser': Vietnam vet's obituary takes aim at Trump

Graig Graziosi
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Trump loses a lot of money when the market sinks (Getty Images)
Trump loses a lot of money when the market sinks (Getty Images)

A Vietnam veteran's obituary included a swipe at Donald Trump and his alleged comments that military members in World War I were "suckers" and "losers."

The commentary was made as part of the obituary for Vietnam veteran Mark Schroeder, who was 70 when he died. Mr Schroeder served in the US Army from 1969 until 1971.

Mr Schroeder is described as a "hero," a "father," and as a "teacher" before the obituary turns its attention to the president's alleged comments.

"One thing he was not, Mr Trump, was a sucker or a loser! He was a proud veteran till the day he died," the obituary read.

The Atlantic first reported Mr Trump's alleged comments. According to the publication, Mr Trump cancelled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018. The cemetery is the resting place of Americans who died during World War I fighting in France.

After cancelling thee event, Mr Trump is alleged to have said "Why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers."

Unnamed officials leaking the story to The Atlantic said he also referred to the 1,800 US Marines who died in the World War I battle at Bellau Wood as "suckers."

After the story broke, Mr Trump denied ever making the comments, and his base rallied to his defense. However, Jennifer Griffin, Fox News' national security correspondent, said other unnamed officials shared similar remarks the president has made with her.

"According to one former senior Trump administration official: 'When the President spoke about the Vietnam War, he said, 'It was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker,'" Ms Griffin wrote on Twitter.

She reported that Mr Trump allegedly struggled to understand why anyone would join the military in the first place.

"This former official heard the President say about American veterans: 'What's in it for them? They don't make any money,'" she wrote. "I read the source a few quotes from The Atlantic article. This former Trump admin official said, 'The president would say things like that. He doesn't know why people join the military. He would muse, 'Why do they do it?'"

Since Mr Schroeder's obituary was published, people - including those who did not know him - have been posting comments to offer their sympathies to the family and to state their appreciation for his military service.

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