‘This one give me!’: Woman demands Chinese decor from Singapore homeowner and threatens to ‘kill’ his family

An unusual and possibly unwell woman caused a ruckus outside a man’s home supposedly over door decor recently.

A TikTok posted on Sunday showed a woman banging on the gate and shouting outside a home after demanding that the homeowner hand her the Chinese wedding decor hung outside the door.

“Why are you trying to force entry into my property?” TikTok user @cmon_jb15 said while filming the clip.

“This one give me!” the woman, who pointed at the red decor, shouted.

The user said he came out of his room after the woman knocked and politely asked for the decor. He then asked her why and she became “vigorous” and threatened to kill his family.

“She wanted a door deco and uttered multiple languages to threaten to kill my household,” he wrote in the comments.

He added that he considered just handing over the decor after she started making a fuss but worried that she would make similar demands to his neighbors or come back to him for more.

He then filmed the clip while waiting for the police to arrive. According to the user, the woman left and the police went searching for her and eventually brought her in for an undisclosed “assessment.”

After receiving concerned messages from friends, the user clarified in the comments that the clip was not meant to shame the woman but to show the public that they should remain “calm” when dealing with such strangers and their “weird demands.”

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