ONE World Champion Nong-O Attempting To Derail ‘The Steel Locomotive’ In Singapore

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ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao has already proven himself as one of the best Muay Thai practitioners in the world, but his reign as divisional king will be tested by one of the hardest punchers in ONE Championship.

Nong-O is set to defend his World Title against ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai Tournament winner Rodlek PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym in the co-main event of ONE: COLLISION COURSE this Friday, 18 December, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The bout has been a long time coming for Nong-O, who, like most Singaporean sports professionals, was forced to sit the sidelines amid COVID-19 restrictions.

“I have really wanted to fight for a long time. It has been a year [since my last bout]. Because I have been away so long, I am so excited to face Rodlek,” he said.

“In this fight, I think both of us can strike each other heavily with our powerful weapons. So, the climax will be about who can utilize their experience better to get the advantage — the one who is better at it will be the winner.”

Claiming that victory will not be an easy feat for either fighter.

Nong-O is an evasive counter specialist whose timing is so accurate that the Royal Observatory in Greenwich sets its clocks by it.

Meanwhile, Rodlek has made a name for himself as “The Steel Locomotive” because though it may take a few minutes for him to get warmed up, once he picks up momentum, there’s not much that can stop him.

However, Nong-O has derailed many trains during his storied career, and he’s looking forward to wrecking Rodlek’s impressive run this Friday.

“I have experienced this aggressive style for so long. Powerful kicks and punches. I already prepared for this,” Nong-O said.

“Rodlek’s style is an aggressive style. I am not afraid of that. Instead, I love it because he will be stepping forward to get kicked by me. I will use my tactics to defeat him.”

With that said, it seems Nong-O is looking at this bout not just as a threat to his reign, but as a chance to develop his already impressive skills.

“I am excited to see new faces. It is different from the past where I have seen the same opponents and got familiar with their styles. I want to fight with a new fighter who has a new style,” the World Champion said.

“I will improve myself by fighting with new opponents. I can learn new techniques from them to develop my own style.”

Catch all the action this Friday, 18 December, at ONE: COLLISION COURSE by tuning in to meWATCH or the ONE Super App at 8:30 p.m. Singapore Standard Time (SGT).

Singaporean fans can also watch the event live by purchasing tickets from

Also, Channel 5 will cut into the broadcast at 10 p.m. SGT.

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