Online retailer criticized for non-diverse #AllGirls campaign

Boohoo’s latest campaign has been criticized for failing to show true diversity. (Photo: Instagram/boohoo)

Online retailer Boohoo recently came under fire for charging a “fat tax” for its plus-size clothing. Now critics are unsettled to see that the brand hasn’t listened to consumers when it comes to its latest campaign.

The #ALLGIRLS campaign is meant to send a message of “inclusivity and girl power.” Instead, it has delivered a message showing that only women of a certain size are to be deemed attractive and powerful.

Despite including models of several different races, Boohoo has dropped the ball regarding diversity of body size and shape, with seemingly not one plus-size figure in sight.

People have pointed out that it’s a strange move, considering Boohoo does have a “curve” line specifically for larger women. Others have noted disappointment over the lack of models who are transgender, disabled, and of a range of ages.

“It’s sad that brands really do believe that is representative of all women,” one woman tweeted.

“You should call this #somegirls — certainly NOT inclusive,” said another critic.

Boohoo described the campaign as “a film for girls, made by girls with an all-female cast and crew of more than 40 women from different walks of life.”

A spokesperson for the retailer pointed out that size-16 model Maria Sillandi does indeed feature in the film.

“At Boohoo, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and our ability to provide great fashion for all shapes and sizes,” the brand told Yahoo Style U.K. “The video you see today is the start of a story that will unfold over the next few months. The 13 girls that feature in the video released yesterday represent just a snap shot of over 100 girls we are working with on the campaign. Together they represent #ALLGIRLS. Watch this space.”

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