'Jarring' COVID-19 ad that aired during the Super Bowl shows the risk of private gatherings

Elisabetta Bianchini
·2-min read

The Ontario government has a new ad campaign that aired during the Super Bowl, aimed to stress the point that no matter what the intention of your gathering may be, you never know when COVID-19 will show up.

The commercials show a seemingly innocent parties with friends and family but with a frightening cut to someone from the get together ill at a hospital, fighting for their life. We also see a healthcare workers looking stressed, tired and distraught.

“You may not see the harm here,” the messaging from the province says, referring to the gathering.

“But we see it here,” the text on the screen reads as the visually change to the hospital.

“Until we all get the vaccine, stay home, save lives.”

In response to these commercials several people have taken to social media to share their reaction to seeing the ads during the Super Bowl.

When Ontario Premier Doug Ford posted the ad on Twitter on Saturday, several people responded by questioning why the provincial government hasn’t implemented paid sick leave and called for more public health measures to help essential workers and students.

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