Oops! Ex-PKR assemblyman forced to apologise over Muslim slur on Facebook


GEORGE TOWN: Former PKR Batu Uban assemblyman S. Raveentharan has apologised to all his Muslim friends over a controversial posting in Facebook.

He had earlier posted a retort to an entry made by Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik. Zakir was quoted as saying that ‘I'm a messenger of peace, my critics are terrorists’.

However, Raveentharan, in reply, wrote “Firstly, Islam was never a religion of PEACE."

This prompted Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to direct the police to call Raveentharan up to explain his controversial posting.

Reveentharan then put up another post, which read: “My sincere apologies to all my Muslim friends for my FB posting.”

Raveentharan, when contacted by the New Straits Times tonight, said he would go to Bukit Aman soon to give his statement, after scheduling an appointment with the police.

He said he did not expect his controversial posting to go viral.

“I have posted a sincere apology but I am willing to explain to the police what I had meant with my posting.

“My posting was solely in reference to Dr Zakir Naik," the lawyer added, noting that he has been advised not to say anything further at this juncture.

Checks showed the controversial posting has since been removed.

However, netizens who managed to screenshot the post, had flooded Raveentharan's Facebook with messages.

Nur Safeena Azamuddin, commenting on Raveentharan's apology, read: "So irresponsible."

Edan Morisson wrote: "The only thing I would like to say to you, sir, (is that) you are plain stupid. You have convinced me not to vote for Pakatan Harapan. Thanks for showing me your true colors."

Yet another netizen, Sham Ridzuan Khalid said: "Minta PDRM ambil tindakan terhadap manusia ini yg telah mengecam dan menggugat keharmonian dan merosakkan sentimen agama islam.. perkara ini boleh mencetuskan huru hara dalam negara.. kami rakyat Malaysia tidak menerima ucapan maaf dr manusia keji ini.. mohon ambil tindakan sekeras kerasnya."

(We urge PDRM to take action against this person who has disrupted harmony and affected the perception of Islam. Such a posting can create chaos in the country. We Malaysians will not accept an apology from such a person. We hope stern action can be taken.)