Opel Manta E will be the electric revival of the classic German coupe

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One of the coolest, sportiest models to come out of Opel has been the Manta coupe. But it's been out of production for decades. That ends in this decade, as Stellantis during its EV Day presentation announced the Opel Manta E, an electric successor to the classic German two-door.

The company didn't give many details, but it did provide the above teaser image of a blurred Manta E concept rendering. While it's hard to see much, it suggests that the new model won't exactly be a retro design a la Camaro, Challenger or Mustang. Unlike the classic Mantas with a low stance and long nose and tail, this new one has more modern EV proportions with short overhangs, a short hood, large greenhouse and a sloping hatchback. For reference as to what an old Manta looks like, be sure to check out the resto-mod electric Manta that Opel showed earlier this year.

It's also worth noting that this rendering is very clearly that of a concept car. It has the unique silver side panels that wrap up over the side windows Opel has featured on other recent concepts. So the production model should be a little tamer. As the fine print notes, we should see the production model by the middle of the decade, so we wouldn't be surprised if we see the concept within a year or so. As with the rest of the Opel lineup, this model will almost definitely not show up in the U.S.

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