Operations assistant loses RM49,000 to Macau Scam

Shahrinnahar Latib

KUANTAN: An operations assistant at a government-linked company (GLC) in Pekan lost RM49,000 after being made into believing that he was involved in money laundering and drug smuggling last month. Pahang Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Superintendent Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof said the 62-year-old man received a call from a woman named Kartina Almirol claiming to be a staff from Public Bank Kuala Lumpur on Aug 31. “The woman claimed the victim applied a RM70,000 loan from Public Bank’s Seremban branch with monthly installment of RM1,290 for months and had defaulted his payment totaling RM3,885. “The victim denied the allegation and was asked to lodge a report at the Seremban police station within two hours or face being blacklisted,” he said in a statement today. Mohd Wazir said as the victim was only given a short time to do so, the woman then transferred the call to supposedly Seremban police station who was answered by a Sergeant Lau. “During the conversation, the second suspect claimed the victim was in cahoots with a bank manager in Kuantan named Reymond Lee in money laundering and drug smuggling. He also told the victim that an arrest warrant had been issued. “The call was then transferred to a man identified as Inspector Tan.

The victim was ordered to keep mum on the matter and report his movement only to Inspector Tan every two hours,” he said. Mohd Wazir said on Sept 3, the victim received another call from Inspector Tan who asked him to transfer money to two bank accounts allegedly owned by the court for investigation purpose. “The victim then transferred a sum of RM49,000 to the two accounts. After the transaction, the victim tried to contact Inspector Tan but failed. “Realising that he had been duped, the victim went to Pekan police headquarters to lodge a report yesterday (Tuesday). “The modus operandi of the syndicate was impersonating bank officers and policemen, compelling the victim to transferred money to bank accounts,” he said. He said the case was being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail, whipping and a fine. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd