We will oppose any move allowing DAP to win GE14: Hadi


ALOR STAR: Pas will reject any move to bring down the current government just to allow the DAP-led coalition to take over Putrajaya, as the party clearly rejects the Muslim leadership and practises a chauvinistic political ideology.

Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said that the DAP’s principles challenge the status of Islam as the official religion of the Federation, despite Muslims being the majority religious community in the country.

"To preserve the nation’s stability, (other religious groups) must respect the majority (religious group), and this is a fundamental (principle) applied in all parts of the world, including western countries.

"When certain quarters promote (their) chauvinistic ideology by being disrespectful to the other (religious groups), it contradicts Pas’ fundamental struggle," Hadi said at a press conference after opening the 63rd Pas annual delegates assembly, or Muktamar, at the Kedah Pas Complex in Kota Sarang Semut, here.

Hadi told the 1,200 party delegates that Pas has always respected other religious groups in the country, and all groups should respect one another.

"However, chauvinistic politics feed on shallow racial sentiments and at times, (the DAP) makes decisions without considering the negative implications on the multiracial society," he said.

Hadi added: “If other races can champion other ideologies based on Hinduism and Buddhism, why do certain quarters reject Islamic politics, which respects non-Muslim citizens and allow them to practice their respective religions?

"It is saddening that certain quarters are not respecting our stand on Islamic issues.

"We never disturb others, but when others began attacking us, they crossed the line, and that is why we have formed a new movement as the third force," he said.