Ora suffered heat exhaustion

Rita Ora

Rita Ora reportedly collapsed on Monday due to heat exhaustion.

The 22-year-old singer reportedly passed out on the Miami Beach set of her photo shoot for Madonna's Material Girl clothing line, and was seen laid out on a stretcher before she was transported to a local hospital via ambulance.

Dr. David Farcy, Chairman of Mount Sinai Hospital's Emergency Department, told MailOnline the star recovered and has since been released.

"Rita Ora was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration at our hospital today. She was discharged and is fine," Dr. Farcy's statement read.

Photos published by the outlet show Rita looking unwell on set shortly before the incident.

The R.I.P. singer, who was shooting in 90-degree Fahrenheit heat, could be seen holding her stomach and pulling faces as she posed in the blazing sun.

She was reportedly brought back to her trailer to rest before ocean rescue and beach patrol officers came to her aid.

Rita became the face of Material Girl in June. Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, who design the collections together, released a statement after naming the star the label's new spokesperson.

"Rita is a talented beauty but what really drew us to her is the confidence she oozes through her music and her unique sense of style.

"On stage or off, in photos or on the street - she's a magnet! This is what the Material Girl brand is all about!" the statement read.

Spokespersons for Rita and Madonna have not yet commented on the incident.

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