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Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman

It’s right there in black and white: Schilling cleans up real nice outside her tan prison outfit. The actress, whose Piper is based on the real-life Piper whose book of the same name chronicles her women’s prison experience, admits that, as many people have done with OITNB, she has binge-watched a TV show herself: She watched three seasons of Downton Abbey in a week. (Photo: Getty Images/Netflix)

‘Orange Is the New Black’: What the Cast Looks Like Without Prison Garb

Orange may be the new black when you’re in lockdown, but it’s certainly not the most flattering of hues on everyone. As these comparison pics prove, Orange Is the New Black cast members rock their prison frocks, but they look dramatically different — and quite stylish — in their non-orange/tan finery. (Warning: Character and storyline spoilers ahead.)

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix.