The Orbi Mesh System Will Cover Your 12,000-Square-Foot Home With Blazing-Fast Connectivity

For over half a decade, we acquiesced to simply living without WiFi in our bedroom. After testing countless range extenders, upgrading our modem router, and even moving its location to four different spots in our home, the connection was never strong enough to link our smart TV. So, we simply lived without it, rendering the giant screen as a strictly-for-DVD display. In terms of modern living, the rear wing of our house might as well have been mired in the Neolithic era. Assuming we’d exhausted all solutions, we begrudgingly accepted our Luddite fate.

Then recently a friend mentioned their new Orbi and our ears pricked. We’d heard of these home mesh systems but figured it was just another inadequate solution. However, hearing his eager enthusiasm for NETGEAR’s top-tier WiFi system gave us hope. So, we bought an Orbi 3-pack (consisting of a router and two mesh satellites), installed them out of the box in minutes, and gave it a whirl.

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The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Every corner of our house, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, from our office to the garage, is awash with blazing-fast WiFi. From our smart outdoor grill in the backyard to security cameras placed in the driveway, every single device and appliance in the home is now fully connected—without a dead zone to be found.

For over five years, we thought we’d only been sacrificing our streaming entertainment needs, but opening the home to high-speed WiFi unlocked a world of opportunity. The Orbi whole home mesh system seamlessly unlocks the potential of every smart appliance in the home, allowing our wood pellet smoker to run automatic maintenance checks, keeping our wine cellar temperature and humidity under constant surveillance, and ensuring our Zoom meetings run without hiccup. Gaming has never run so smoothly in our living room, allowing all-too-many hours of flawless POV warfare.

NETGEAR Armor all-in-one internet security offers soothing peace of mind. For more than 25 years as the trusted leader in all things networking, NETGEAR packs its best technology into the Orbi—making it the most secure mesh system on the market today. Armor provides an automatic shield of protection from hackers and other bad actors for all your family’s devices, including PCs, smart phones, security cameras, and more.

All in all, the Orbi ensures max speeds and steadfast security for some 200 connected devices, blanketing up to 9,000 square feet with blazing WiFi (up to 12,000 square feet with the Orbi 4-pack).

While several tiers of the Orbi exist, those who want the very best will turn to the flagship Orbi 960 Series. Tech geeks will love that it boasts quad-band WiFi with 10.8 Gbps speeds, a new 6 GHz band ready to deliver top speeds to WiFi 6E-ready devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more), and a 10 Gig internet port. As a final considerate touch, the Orbi units themselves are handsomely packaged in a modern, clean design you can display like sculptures—no need to hide them behind furniture.

As more professional work migrates from the office to the home office, and our lives continue to be more connected, flawless WiFi performance grows ever more critical. With laser-fast WiFi, impenetrable security features, and a sleek design, the NETGEAR Orbi is quite simply the best home mesh system you can buy.

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