To organize your fridge like Kim Kardashian look to 'The Home Edit' method

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If you want to have a celebrity-worth fridge, look to The Home Edit.

Fans of home organizing will be delighted. There is a foolproof way to keep your fridge as tidy as a work of art. Popular with Kim Kardashian, 'The Home Edit' technique calls for arranging food by type and color, then labeling it. The result is as satisfying as it is beautiful.

Are you obsessed with organizing your home? If so, it's time to rejoice, because after bookshelves and closets, it's time for refrigerators to benefit from the latest storage trends. We've already applied the methods of Marie Kondo, the Japanese home guru who has elevated tidying up to an art and a philosophy of life,to many parts of our lives. Her near-meditative folding technique has seduced millions of people in quest of order.

Food storage becomes design

Many companies and organizers have taken to Instagram to reveal their own methods. And The Home Edit is leading the way. The American company run by Clea and Joanne, is a hit with storage fans. In a Netflix series dedicated to them, these "home organizers" detail their method. And it's important to note that their technique is a hit for more than practical reasons -- it is also extremely aesthetic and can even be applied to your fridge. The reason? Each food is arranged by type and color in its own little bin with its own label. And that's 'all' it takes to make organizing fans all over the world quiver with adoration.

The details of the method

Anyone familiar with tidying already knows the first step: decluttering. Gone are the opened and half-used sauces, the poor crumpled carrot forgotten in a corner. Then after clearing up, time to disinfect. Take out the trays and the shelves and scrub from top to bottom.

Then, and this is where it becomes more fun, divide the contents of the fridge into categories: yogurt with yoghurt, apples with apples and so on. Arm yourself with patience and some transparent containers in which to place the food. Needless to say, you need to align, stack and juxtapose them harmoniously.

And don't worry, there's no rivalry between home areas -- the same principles can be used in one's basement. Note that it is the uniqueness of the bins that is behind the beauty of this method of storage.

If you want to get the most out of 'The Home Edit' technique, don't hesitate to mix it with the 'KonMari' method, which recommends leaving 30% of space available in case of unexpected events.

Less bother, less tidying

Finally, for those of you whose refrigerator would make a Crayola palette pale in comparison, all you have to do now is apply the method to your daily life. Less bother, less tidying.

Mylène Bertaux