'Orphan Black': Vote for the moment that gave you the most feels

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Attention Clone Clubbers: The series finale of Orphan Black airs Saturday, Aug. 12, on BBC America. All this week, we’re celebrating (and mourning) the impending end of our favorite clone saga, and we can’t do it without your help! Check back every day to vote for your favorite scenes, characters, and clones in a variety of categories.

Orphan Black makes you feel so many things: Shock. Terror. Tenderness. Amusement. Grief. Even happiness sometimes. The show has had many moments of each of these emotions, and on those special sublime occasions, all of them at once.

Over the past five seasons, certain scenes have made us feel all the things, to the point where we weren’t even sure how to respond. But Orphan Black’s strength has always been in combining pathos, logos, and ethos to create a breathtakingly rich world of fully realized characters, complicated relationships, and competing agendas.

Which moment gave you all the feels? Vote for one of the five options below.

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Cosima and Sarah discover they’ve been patented (Season 1, Episode 10, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”)

We almost selected Beth’s suicide in the show’s first episode in this place, but instead, we went with the moment when the full, gut-punching scope of the cloning project started to come into focus. Cosima decoded a synthetic sequence in her DNA and discovered that she and her sister clones were considered “intellectual property.” It was the first sign that this freak show was about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Photo: BBC America

Sarah is rescued by a resurrected Helena (Season 2, Episode 4, “Governed as It Were by Chance”)

Sarah was being tortured by Daniel (Rachel’s underling) when she was rescued by a “guardian angel” — Helena. You know, the clone that Sarah had shot and left for dead in the Season 1 finale. But Helena rose from the dead, not for vengeance but for some sisterly bonding. Though a terrified Sarah screamed bloody murder, Helena hugged her and said, “We were meant to be together. Always. Sestra.”

Photo: BBC America

Helena and Jesse’s meet cute (Season 2, Episode 6, “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings”)

The wackadoodle Helena has been a live wire since her introduction, so it was a delightful surprise to see her form an actual, fairly normal relationship with a man. She met Jesse (Patrick J. Adams) at a bar, where they arm wrestled, danced, kissed .. and then they fought against some thugs together. Now that is true love.

Photo: BBC America

Delphine gets shot (Season 3, Episode 10, “History Yet to Be Written”)

Delphine’s loyalties wavered between her employer, Dyad, and her subject/lover, Cosima. But at the end of Season 3, she decided to let go of Cosima and leave town. They shared a tender, heartbreaking goodbye (and one very sweet kiss) before parting ways. And then Delphine was shot by an unknown assailant in a parking garage. Her supposed death made all of us Science Girlfriends shed tears.

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M.K. and Beth say goodbye (Season 4, Episode 2, “Transgressive Border Crossing”)

The reclusive M.K. refused to bond with the other clones and was in hiding for much of the series. But in this flashback episode, we realize why M.K. has been so cagey. She and Beth shared a deep connection. When Beth said goodbye to M.K., perhaps the latter sensed the cop was about to commit suicide, because she begged, “Please don’t leave me. I need you!” It’s a wrenching moment, because we all know what happened after that.

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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