OUCH! Yankees Catcher Gary Sanchez Got Drilled In The Nuts On Live TV

New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez doubles over in pain after taking a foul ball to his privates during a game against the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night.

The New YorkYankeesbeat the MinnesotaTwins, 8-4, in the American League wild-card game on Monday night, but the lasting image from the game wasn’t of home run balls hit to the seats of Yankee Stadium.

It was a ball that hit much closer to home.

As a crowd of 49,280 spectators at the ballpark and a national TV audience looked on in horror, Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez took a ball to his... well... balls when a foul tip ricocheted right into his crotch:

Here’s the side view, which is no less painful to watch: 

Somehow, Sanchez soldiered on and remained in the game. However, the reaction from pitcher David Robertson showed just how bad it looked: 

"Poor guy. I had a great view of it, he just took a tough shot right there,” Robertson told the New York Daily News. “I just felt for him. I’m wearing a cup, too.I just know how it feels to get hit there. It’s not fun.”

Other teammates shared their concern over the state of Sanchez’s private parts. 

“I didn’t know it got him in the cojones, man,” third baseman Todd Frazier told the Washington Post. “When he bounced up, it looked like he was dying. I don’t want anybody to have that. I’m glad he’s okay.”

Outfielder Brett Gardner perhaps summed it up best.

“I’m just glad I’m not a catcher,” he told the Post.


This article originally appeared on HuffPost.