Overnight strike destroys aid center in Kharkiv region

STORY: Dergachi Mayor Vyacheslav Zadorenko said the missile struck at 2:20 am, slightly injuring one person, and came a day after a rocket hurtled through the roof and three floors but failed to explode.

"Yesterday afternoon we were hit by an URAGAN," he told Reuters, referring to a Russian multiple launch rocket system. "Fortunately, the bomb didn't explode, avoiding casualties. And tonight, the same targets were again hit and the damage was done. As we can see, the Palace of Culture is almost completely destroyed."

Zadorenko said the building had been used to store aid items before they were distributed to the local community.

Fire workers doused the smoking building with water, while local volunteers worked to salvage items such as toilet paper, saying that other areas which had stored food had been covered by the rubble.

The strike on the Palace of Culture and near-daily Russian shelling show how vulnerable some outlying areas remain nearly two weeks into a Ukrainian counteroffensive that ended barrages of nearby Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.