Pagani takes over Grand Central Terminal (Christopher Smith)
Pagani In NYC

New Yorkers have some automotive eye candy to peruse during their daily travels.

Pagani builds some absolutely incredible automobiles. Compared to Ferrari or Lamborghini – two Italian firms that built reputations over the course of decades, Pagani is still a young player in the supercar scene with barely 20 years under its belt. There’s no question its reputation is just as stout as the aforementioned automakers, however, and proof of that can be seen right now at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

Pagani's past and present:

750,000 people pass through Grand Central Terminal every day, and from 5-8 November they will be able to see six of the company's creations. Five of them are of the Zonda variety – specifically the Zonda R, Zonda F, Zonda Cinque, Zonda HP Barchetta, and the very first Zonda production car that introduced Pagani to the world at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. The sixth is the Huayra Roadster BC, the company’s most recent offering that debuted earlier this year during Monterey Car Week.

In addition to the cars, visitors to the display can learn about Pagani’s history. Called “Pagani, The Story of a Dream,” the history of company founder Horacio Pagani is outlined, including his move from Argentina to Italy in 1982 and his stint with Lamborghini which included work on the Countach. He eventually started his own design company in a building basically right next door to Lamborghini, working with composite materials. That led to the first Pagani supercar, and well, the rest is history.

Pagani's future:

“Grand Central Terminal, a globally recognised transportation hub with timeless design and beauty, is an iconic location where many immigrants arrived and began their American dream. As there are significant parallels between their journeys and mine, I am honoured to tell my story here,” said Horacio Pagani. “I hope New York City residents and visitors passing through will enjoy seeing my work and learning about how the commitment to sacrifice, hard work, and passion can help anyone realise their own dream.”

If you happen to be in New York, the Pagani display at Grand Central Terminal runs through November 8.