Pahang PPBM members urge RoS to act against party


KUANTAN: The Registrar of Societies (RoS) has been urged to take immediate action against Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) over the party’s alleged misconducts, including the uncertainty surrounding its annual general assembly last year.

Pahang PPBM Youth coordinator Raja Mohd Azlan Raja Mohd Omar said it is puzzling as to why RoS has yet to take any action against PPBM although more than 400 reports have been lodged by the party’s grassroots.

“We had previously submitted a report to the RoS the party’s wrongful use of the Armada name (PPBM youth wing) and its annual general assembly, but there has been no response even until now.

“As such, we decided to organise a peaceful assembly at the RoS’ headquarters in Putrajaya on Feb 22 to obtain some concrete answers from the authorities. We want to know whether our complaints were valid or otherwise,” he told a press conference.

Meanwhile, Kuantan PPM Youth chief Mohd Asyraf Muhammad Asri said there are numerous actions by the party which could be viewed as being illegal, including sacking anyone at will.

“In our case, all we are doing is observing the law. Our status as leaders (in the party) was disputed just because we had different views and were critical. We were then replaced by cronies.

“This is against the law; RoS should take action against PPBM,” he said.

Meanwhile, Temerloh PPBM deputy Youth chief Sharipul Fairuz Mohd Sharif, asked if there any RoS staff who were “sympathetic” towards the party.

“There is also a question of reports having gone missing, as previously claimed. RoS should be fair towards members who lodge reports on the party’s wrongdoings,” he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd