Is Paige Chua the new queen of animated GIFs in Singapore?


Paige Chua(蔡琦慧), 35,  is an actress and television host with Singapore media company, Mediacorp.

You can catch her on the Mediacorp drama serial, Mightiest Mother-in-Law (最强岳母), as one of the lead characters, Guan Shuhui (管淑慧), a feisty housewife character who is caught between a cheating husband, his mistress and her meddling mother.

This is the first time Chua is playing such an “auntie” character, whereby viewers get to see her with very light make-up and behaving roughly on screen. As such, the forummers at EDMW got really excited about her transformation, sharing many animated GIFs of Paige Chua, describing her as the “new queen of animated GIFs”.

This dubious honour used to being to Chua’s colleague, Jeanette Aw, because of this one crazy animated GIF:

How do Paige Chua fare against Aw?

Here is a selection of some of the best Paige Chua television moments, immortalised online via animated GIFs. Let’s start with the “auntie” ones first:

Next come the ones that can be used as emojis when replying in forums or when chatting online or on mobile:

Isn’t Paige Chua such a fun actress?

Hopefully, she gets nominated for a best actress award at next year’s Star Awards. She should not get too engrossed with this role and dress up too shabbily when she attend the awards again next year. Otherwise, she might end up getting mercilessly trolled by Facebook users like Dennis Lim, who really lashed out at the fashion disasters this year at the show (Paige Chua is in his list too). 

We also wonder if Paige Chua can sing. Maybe she can sing a song for her onscreen mother at the awards next year and steal the show, just like how Quan Yi Fong’s daughter, Eleanor Lee stole the show this year with her tribute song to her mum. 

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