Paige Turley on Finn, their future puppy and how she landed her place on Love Island

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What's an excellent way of getting to *really* know someone in the space of six minutes? Well, one way is to pepper them with all those cheesy/awkward/probing first date questions, which is exactly what we did with winter Love Island winner Paige Turley, who sat down with Cosmopolitan UK for a game of Speed Dating.

Paige opened up about boyfriend Finley Tapp, their future puppy and also how she landed her place on the ITV2 dating show.

Speaking about where she sees herself in three years time, Paige said it involves Finn and also the dog she's been dreaming about since their time in the villa.

"... In reality I will probably be living maybe in Manchester, maybe in London. I don’t know quite where [but] with Finn and a puppy," she revealed.

"I want an English Bulldog, Finn wants a blue Staffy, so we’re going to compromise and get an English Bulldog," Paige added.. and LOL.

She also revealed how she landed her place on Love Island - and it wasn't via the traditional process.

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"I was approached and then it happened very, very quickly for myself. Literally a couple weeks later they were like 'you’re going to South Africa' and I had to find bikinis in winter, which was hard."

To see what else Paige was spilling during our dinner date, watch the full video above.

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