Pakatan government spent over RM2b on fuel subsidies since taking charge, says deputy minister

Sulok Tawie
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    Giving fuel subsidies to the public will only benefit those who owns vehicles but what about those without ? Pls think about it ?.What we ordinary public need is an efficient, prompt,improve connectivity , increase frequency and punctuality of the public bus services,as most of the time we have to wait for more than an hour for the buses and better safety/security lighted bustop and pedestrian walkway.When more people use the public transport system not only in KL but in major Big Town,suburban and rural district it will help reduces our carbon footprint and our environment..
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    Giving subsidy is a drain on the Treasury if in long term. Brains should tick and create innovative and original ideas to increase the economy. Yes subsidy helps in the short term but is toxic in the long term. Looks like the government of the day with an old jaded PM cannot deliver on their pre-election promises.
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    Money that could have been spent on improving public transport.
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    Chee Khiaw Cheng
    RM8 billion every year or RM250 for every rakyat young and old. That's just subsidy. A poor family of 5 with a small motorbike do not even use RM1,250 of fuel a year not to say RM1,250 worth of subsidy. Those subsidies are not to help the poor but to fake the economy. In a fake economy, nothing is real and kucing belangs can be made to appear or believe they are harimaus. Over time, it destroys the country...
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    That is your promise. Live with it. Thank You
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    Toby Mac
    In Singapore, the govt has no problem imposing a fuel tax of 20% on top of existing taxes on fuels. Malaysians made up their mind to the type of government they wanted and got it. Well done!
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    Sporean will do the bumper shake, boot shake and even the motor shake just to maximize till the last drop of petrol.
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    They the ones without their own vehicles are also subsidies, by public transport means.
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    Banning drinking, smoking and gambling will save billions in government's health care subsidies since there will be much less patients needing treatment. Guaranteed!
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    Can the government show us the actual cost of petrol from oil field, refinery till petrol stations ? Rakyat needs to know the profit margin !