Pakatan Harapan agrees on two-term limit for PM, CM and MB posts

By Opalyn Mok
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    The Beloved Rakyat should be the ones who should decide whether they want the PM, CM or MB to be 1.2.3 or for life. If the Rakyat are happy and satisfied with their character and performances then they can remain, otherwise call for election.
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    Kick DAPigs Pendatang Basterds
    DAPigs Gian Eng still wanted to become CM
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    That`s a good suggestion.By the time they learn the "Cons & Pros" they will be out.
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    If we make it retrospective, than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can’t be prime minister,” he added. --- CM Minister forget to mention that so will he
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    good move for starters !!! this is one way to cut down 'bad moves' by any leader !!!
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    1. lim kit sial , 2. lim guan lancau..porah pundek..
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    Best resolution so far; too long in power tends to corrupt good governance. Only new brooms sweep clean!
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    A new cm must be elected to put this corrupt & illegal foreign sky diver cm & previous cms to jail..