Paktor has a new feature that lets your friends pick the best match for you

Yon Heong Tung
Paktor has a new feature that lets your friends pick the best match for you

This feature is either cool or creepy, depending on how you roll

When one finds themselves infatuated with a person, they sometimes seek the counsel of close friends to ascertain if their prospective catch is really the right one for them (although, whether they — in their lovestruck stupor — would heed any advice is another matter altogether).

Singapore dating app Paktor, which is owned by M17 Entertainment, wants to simplify this experience and take it online. They have released a new feature that will allow users to invite friends to help them pick the right match.

Called Matchmaker, the mini-game allows existing Paktor users to invite other Paktor users or non-users to swipe on profiles with them. A minimum of three players — including the host — is required to initiate the game. All players are given 30 profiles to swipe and 10 seconds to make their decisions on each profile.

At the end of the game, the matchmaker with the most number of swipes that corresponds with the host’s swipes will be crowned the best matchmaker.

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But more importantly, the profile that receives the most number of right swipes — indicating a “like” — will be classified as the most compatible match.

The matchmakers will then send a randomised complimentary gift to that profile and break the ice. The recipient can then chose to respond to the host. Matchmakers can also track the user’s progress with the match.

Now if you are thinking about that Black Mirror episode “White Christmaswhere a group of people remotely track a guy’s attempts to pick up girls, in real time using a camera in his eye — savouring every detail of it — be not afraid.

All the matchmakers would see is status updates. For example, ‘person X has started a conversation with person Y’, and ‘person Y has replied’, etc (still a tad creepy, I know).

“Society has become more accepting of dating apps and what we are doing here is opening the app up to more users. In line with Paktor’s long-term vision where its normal for singletons to use dating apps and those who do not use them are an anomaly, we are tackling the stigma attached with dating app usage,” said Ng Jing Shen, CEO and co-founder of Paktor, in an official press statement.

The feature is currently in the testing phase within a selected group of users and so far results have been promising.

“We see an increased 34 per cent in user activity as well as 20 per cent more matches with Matchmaker and I expect these figures to grow when users are more familiar with this feature,” said Ng.

Image Credit: Paktor

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