PAP faces 3-corner fights in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and Pioneer SMC

Vernon Lee
Senior Editor
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    Fifth Estate
    Three cornered fights spell disaster for oppostion parties.Don't understand why opposition parties still don't get it.Spliting votes will only end in the PAP's favour.
  • z
    Its a mistake for 3-party fight! PAP contesting there is laughing to the bank!
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    @PSP manifesto
    “Reduce the over-dominance of a single Party with over 90% representation in Parliament.”
    Halima is a product of major pap party voice in parliament. When she get promoted, no one from msia indo sent sg congrats bcos it’s an insult to their race for a woman to hold the highest post of a country.
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    I stay in punggol almost 10 yrs i dont see teo walking my estate ,only GE you hear there names every of them is thinking of themself as MP you earn more than 10k salary and also you still can work outside ,one week only meet the people ,worst is some one will act on be half ,MP listen only and some one will do the writing easy job.
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    Viva Singapore
    SDA in Pair Ris will get only one vote. And deposited confiscated but their master.
  • m
    Once you have a 3-corner fight, the incumbent party will most definitely retain the seat. This will just dilute the votes, the extra party is really extra.
  • b
    The 2 independents are likely to lose their deposit, especially Ooi Boon Ewe. As for Pasir Ris-Punggol, I'd ask all to throw their weight behind PV.
  • S
    Disappointing to see 3 corner fights. SDA should pull out or dissolve like Tan Jee Say's party.
  • R
    Most probably SDA will lost it's deposit.
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    Going for pv