Paper towel holders have a secret storage function, and TikTok is furious they didn’t know sooner

A TikToker has just revealed the way paper towel holders are actually supposed to work, and people are furious they didn’t know this sooner.

User @cippirippicippi gained over 21.6 million views, 1.1 million likes, 129,000 saves and 6,000 comments when they uploaded the shocking kitchen hack to their account.

@cippirippicippi‘s video certainly isn’t the first home hack of its kind to go viral. One couple’s incredibly stinky washing machine filter discovery garnered millions of views last year — while a professional cleaner’s deep-cleaning toilet seat trick sent millions running to their bathrooms.

Now, @cippirippicippi‘s hack is being tested out by TikTokers around the world — and blowing people’s minds.

“I was today years old when I realized how this is supposed to work,” @cippirippicippi‘s video begins.

With one simple motion, @cippirippicippi‘s ordinary countertop paper towel holder is transformed into a cabinet-mounted holder — and shocked TikTokers couldn’t wait to try the trick out for themselves.

User @dionnesade was one of those TikTokers, and she gained a whopping 14.6 million views when she uploaded her attempt at the hack.

People were floored — and some were angry they didn’t know about it sooner.

“What? No way!” wrote @commpic.

“I swear I’ve learned more in 2 years on Tik Tok than 12 years of school🥺” commented @specialk914.

“I was definitely today years old when I knew this is how it works. You learned so much on this platform my goodness,” wrote @janetanddom.

Another TikToker, @brihonor28, gained 2.9 million views when she tried the hack out for herself.

However, some challenged @cippirippicippi‘s hack.

“It’s not how it is supposed to work, but you found a nice way to use it for sure,” commented @peachykeenwitted.

“That’s cool and all, but most people have doors on their cabinets,” wrote @shaunmacl.

“if that’s true then why does it have feet,” asked @snookeet.

While the paper towel holder hack might not be for everyone, it’s inspiring to know that many of the everyday items in our homes can be used in all new ways — if we only use a little imagination.

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