'Parasite' on track to see largest post-Oscar bump in over a decade

“Parasite” is continuing to gain traction post-Oscar win.

The South Korean film, which nabbed the top prize at this year’s Academy Awards, saw its largest U.S. push over Presidents Day weekend. It expanded from 1,060 locations to 2,001 before notching its highest weekend gross to date of $6.8 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Outside of the U.S., an additional $12.8 million was added — bringing the foreign total to over $161 million. Yet coupled with $44.49 million in total U.S. ticket sales, “Parasite” finally crossed the $200 million mark with a worldwide gross of $205 million.

But box office analysts believe there is still more room to run — projecting a final U.S. gross of $50 million or more, which would contribute to the largest post-Oscar bump in over decade.

"Parasite" is the first non-English-language film to ever win best picture

According to data from Comscore, “Parasite” is on track to see a 29% pop post-best picture win, which would roughly match that of 2008’s “Slumdog Millionaire” and widely surpass recent winners like “Green Book” and “Shape of Water.”

For example, the percentage of gross box office income for “Green Book” came in a little over 18% following its 2019 win, while “The Shape of Water” saw a pop of 9.8% one year earlier.

In fact, the only best picture winner to see a greater percentage gain was “Million Dollar Baby,” which saw a 34% increase all the way back in 2005.

Alexandra Canal is a Producer at Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter @alliecanal8193

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