Parents use bubble wand to prevent toddler from wandering off in crowded places

These TikTok parents’ clever bubble wand hack is a genius way to keep toddlers occupied and prevent them from wandering off when visiting crowded places.

A fun trip to the amusement park, or any crowded place, can be tricky with toddlers in tow. Fortunately, sometimes a simple bubble wand is all you need to keep little ones entertained and prevent them from wandering off, as shown in this amusing video from TikTok parents Kimmy and Steven Houghton (, which features an interesting take on the proverbial carrot on a stick.

The clip opens with a shot of the Houghton’s daughter, Stevie Kate, sporting pigtails, a onesie, and frilly socks as she teeters along a lengthy path behind her dad, who happens to have a Little Mermaid bubble wand sticking out the back of his pants.

“When you spend 15 minutes dragging your crying toddler through the zoo, only to realize you could have been doing THIS all along,” the on-screen text states over footage of Stevie Kate trailing after the floating bubbles. The toddler is so mesmerized by the bubbles floating out of the toy that there’s no time to even contemplate leaving her parents’ sight, making the hack a win for both parents and children.

Viewers took to the comments to share their love for the brilliant bubble hack and crack a few jokes.

“It’s all fun and games until you turn around and realize you lured other people’s kids in also,” one user joked.

“I can picture it now… a whole parade of unexpected toddlers,” mentioned one TikToker with a series of laughing emojis.

“We went to the zoo last year, and this happened, and all of our kids drifted over to them,” one parent confirmed.

Who knew that bubbles could be such a great attention-getter?

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