Parents' 'hygiene budget' for their kids stirs controversy on TikTok

This parent on TikTok shared that she gives each of her kids a “hygiene budget,” and the method received a mixed response from viewers.

TikTokers Jess and Dub (@family.of.nomads) are parents and digital content creators who document their journey living and traveling all over the country with their three kids in their RV. Recently, the couple shared a video where Jess breaks down the hygiene budget system for each of their kids, and viewers were divided over the approach.

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“We give our kids a quarterly hygiene budget to spend on any personal care products that they could want or need during that time period,” Jess explains over footage of one of her kids perusing the aisles at a Target.

For example, the couple’s 9-year-old son receives $100 every 3 months and is responsible for item inventory and budget, as indicated by the next few shots of him crunching numbers on a calculator.

As a caveat, Jess says if their kids buy fewer hygiene products to pocket more of the remaining money, their budget will decrease. “This does not mean that they will not have access to hygiene products,” Jess affirms. “It just means that they will not get the money that’s left over at the end, and I will pick out the hygiene products for them.”

So far, this hasn’t been an issue for the kids, which Jess believes is because their budgets significantly exceed the number of items they need. As the video comes to a close, Jess concludes that the hygiene budget system helps kids understand how to save and budget their money.

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While many viewers praised the hands-on budgeting lesson, others had their reservations.

“This is an awesome idea! It teaches [kids] to buy needed products and not always ‘wants’ first,” lauded one user.

“You see budgeting, I see a future of the kids ending up on ‘Extreme Cheapskates,’” one TikToker remarked.

“You are teaching your kids ACTUAL life skills. How can people not see this? Great job, momma,” one viewer complimented.

While the family’s hygiene budget system may not be for everyone, there are many fun and adventurous ways to introduce kids to basic life skills.

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