Parents Spend 96 Hours a Year Getting their Kids Ready

Moms and dads spend a total of 96 hours a year getting their kids ready and into cars. Spanish automobile manufacturer Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo or SEAT’s recent research finds that the time it takes to get children ready, out of the house, and into the vehicle accumulates a total of 96 hours per year. That’s four days wasted just getting the little buggers seated and properly fastened.

SEAT says the time consumed by this daily routine makes around 30% of parents late for work at least once a week, with parents getting late for an average of 11 minutes, maybe more if your kids are feeling extra pesky. The study also finds that the children in the city of London take the longest to get into the car, making their moms and dads late at an average of 18 minutes per day.


Children taking too long to put on their shoes and coats takes up the most time, mostly because the tots get fussy and sometimes suddenly remember the things they are supposed to bring right before heading out the door.

“It won’t be a surprise to parents of young children that getting into the car and setting off on a journey, however long or short, is such a challenge. Whether it’s last-minute toilet trips or deciding which of their toys they’d like to take in the car with them, children can make the job of leaving the house seem daunting,” says Rob Fryer, Head of Product at SEAT UK. “At SEAT we’ve included a raft of family-friendly elements to our Tarraco that means that we can make this a little bit easier. The hands-free boot opening makes access easy, while the seven seats can be configured quickly at the pull of a button. And with Apple CarPlay also available, it’s easy to keep the tots amused once in the vehicle.”


Most parents seem to agree that toddlers aged between to and three years old are the most finicky when it comes to getting in and out of the vehicle, with around 47% agreeing that the most difficult to organize are the “terrible twos.”

On average, parents reported that the whole ordeal of getting their children ready adds about 20 minutes to the morning routine, while one in 14 families reported that it takes up to 40 minutes or longer to get ready to leave since having children.


If you’re having trouble getting your kid prepped and ready for the morning journey, try a few tricks that will get them excited to be buckled in. If your family car has an entertainment system, loading the screen up with their favorite morning cartoons will surely get them into the car faster. You can also try bribing them with snacks, or have a fun little “whoever-gets-buckled-in-first-will-have-a-special-prize” race. You only have to be creative and go the extra mile, and maybe you’ll avoid getting in late for work.


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