Paris Hilton on building her business empire: 'I wouldn't get this far in life being a dumb blonde'

Paris Hilton stopped by BeautyCon to chat about her beauty brands. (Photo: Getty Images)

Paris Hilton has been in the spotlight for nearly two decades, after signing with Donald Trump‘s modeling agency T Management when she was just 19 years old and embarking on the reality show The Simple Life at 22. But the now-37-year-old business mogul, who has created 23 fragrances in the past 15 years, doesn’t seem to have aged since her time in front of the camera — and she swears her agelessness isn’t a result of plastic surgery.

I’ve never done any Botox, any filler, any plastic surgery in my life. I swear on my soul!” Hilton said during a fireside chat with Phillip Picardi, chief content officer at Teen Vogue and Them, at the BeautyCon Festival in New York CityInstead, she revealed that she’s a stickler for staying out of the sun, which is a piece of advice she learned from her mother, Kathy Hilton.

Although most people are aware of the damage that the sun’s UV rays can cause, it’s often a lesson that teenagers and young adults don’t take to heart until it’s too late. For Hilton, it was a warning that she took seriously when she was young and her mom introduced her to the importance of taking care of her skin.

Hilton says that her complexion is a result of good skin care and staying out of the sun. (Photo: Getty Images)

“I started putting on La Mer creams when my mom taught me at 8 years old,” she told Picardi. “I’ve always been obsessed with skin care.” Now, her personal obsession is becoming profitable, as she recently launched a unicorn-themed skin care product of her own.

This won’t be the first time that Hilton created a brand out of something she’s passionate about. She stresses the success of her 19 product lines, which have gotten her recognition throughout numerous industries, to show that, first and foremost, she’s a businesswoman.

“I wouldn’t get this far in life being a dumb blonde,” Hilton says of the stereotypical perception that most people have of her, including her infamous high-pitched voice and “that’s hot” catch phrase. “Being in this industry for so many years, you build a character and can kind of hide behind that shield.” In reality, however, Hilton says  that she carries herself differently in a business meeting. “As soon as I walk in there, I just take over the room and people know who’s the boss.”

Hilton’s sentiment is backed up by numbers. Her perfumes consistently rank among the top-selling fragrances, and she even held an Ibiza DJ residency for the past five summers. As the highest-paid female DJ in the world, she coyly admits to making $1 million per gig. But after getting engaged to actor Chris Zylka, the Hilton Hotels heiress is taking a break from her residency to work on a new project close to her heart — building a family.

“I can’t wait to have a baby. I always wanted to be a mom, but I couldn’t find the right man that I could trust,” she said. “We’ll have a little baby at BeautyCon next year. Her name will be London.”

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