Paris predicts economic boom from 2024 Games

Paris is currently locked in a battle with Los Angeles for the 2024 Games in seven years

Paris only wants the 2024 Olympics and not the 2028 edition, the city mayor told AFP on Wednesday, saying the showpiece would generate 10 billion euros and up to a quarter of a million jobs.

The French capital is locked in a battle with Los Angeles for the Games in seven years' time with a decision to be made by the International Olympic Committee in September.

Both cities say they are focusing their efforts on 2024 and not 2028 despite reports that the IOC could dole out an edition each to the two rivals.

"We are committed to 2024, it is the right time for Paris," said Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

"I will not go any further (on the issue of 2028) as we are committed to 2024."

Paris and Los Angeles bid teams are in Aarhus this week to ramp up their cases in front of global sports federations meeting in the Danish city.

The rivalry became heated on Wednesday when Los Angeles accused Paris of being behind reports that the US city bought Facebook "likes" to artificially boost its bid to secure the 2024 Games.

Hidalgo insisted that winning the Games, after three failed attempts, would represent a financial windfall for the French capital.

"This candidature also has to have economic benefits and according to studies the impact would be in the region of 10 billion euros and more than 230,000 jobs," she said.

Hidalgo also insisted that the IOC should not fear political uncertainty in France ahead of the presidential election taking place in two stages from April 23 and in which far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is expected to garner substantial support.

"I feel that most consider France is a great country with responsible people and that the worst being the National Front, the extreme right, the worst will be avoided," she added.

"I have great confidence in the ability of the French to make a democratic choice that will not be the choice of extremes. There is much confidence in France's ability to carry the republican values that unite us."

On Tuesday Hidalgo told the SportsAccord meeting in Aarhus that Paris was ready for the Games.

"The Games are much more than a show and much more than just show-business," continued Hidalgo, in an apparent dig at Los Angeles, who have produced a slick campaign so far.

Hidalgo's administration is involved in several projects to develop transport, leisure and housing in Paris including a massive revamp of leisure facilities along the banks of the River Seine.