Park Hyun-Jin in prostitution scandal

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Park Hyun-Jin in prostitution scandal

6 Apr - Korean 3D erotica "Natali" is on limited theatrical release in Singapore, Hong Kong and several other territories, while lead actress Park Hyun-Jin was exposed by KBS TV for allegedly accepting money to sleep with the son of a former Prime Minister, reported Shin Min Daily News several days ago.

According to KBS TV as reported by the daily, the boss (whose surname is Ok) of an entertainment production company accused a certain Mr A of fraud, who also happened to be the son of a former Prime Minister. He is currently a professor in a university in Seoul.

The source further elaborates that Mr Ok said that in 2009, Mr A had expressed his willingness to exploit his social status to obtain a government grant worth HKD 71.42 million (about S$11.71 million) so that Mr Ok can organise a film festival last year, on the condition that Mr Ok arranged for a female star to have drinks with him.

The report also mentioned Mr Ok's arrangement for a sultry female star to accompany Mr A at a bar, who was greatly satisfied with the arrangement and repeatedly requested for her company thereafter. Mr Ok claimed that Mr A had once paid the female star about HK$ 35,700 (about S$5852) for her companionship. He further provided evidence of the star's acceptance of the money and claimed that he paid Mr A about HKD 71,000 (about S$12,000) in "reward fees".

However, Mr A did not keep his promise and never applied for the government grant on Mr Ok's behalf, which resulted Mr Ok's accusations of fraud against Mr A.

After the news broke, netizens identified the "Natali" star, Park Hyun-Jin, as the prime suspect. Some news sources have pointed out that Park had vehemently denied her involvement when contacted by the Korean media, and even cried during the conversation.

The 29-year-old beauty plays a dance student named Oh Mi-Ran in the Korean erotica, which is currently on limited theatrical release in Singapore and a few other territories.