Parliament asks Thum Ping Tjin to clarify academic credentials

PHOTO: Screenshot from YouTube page

The Parliament Secretariat has written to Dr Thum Ping Tjin, asking the Oxford-trained historian to clarify his academic credentials.

A statement on Friday (13 April) by the office of the Clerk of Parliament noted that Thum’s written representation to the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods had stated that he was a Research Fellow in History at Oxford University.

“During the hearing, he had informed the Committee that, amongst other things, he held a ‘visiting professorship in anthropology’. He subsequently explained online that he was a ‘visiting  research fellow in history within the dept of anthropology,” said the statement.

The statement added, “In view of these varying accounts, clarifications have been sought to ensure that the Committee’s report correctly reflects Dr Thum’s positions, and to ensure that the Committee is accurately apprised.”

On the final day of the Select Committee’s hearings in March, Thum was grilled for six hours by Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam about his research and writings on the history of Singapore in the 1960s. During the session, Shanmugam also asked Thum about his academic credentials.

Yahoo News Singapore has reached out to Thum for comment.

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