Pas anticipating September general election


ALOR STAR: Pas' machinery at federal and state levels are up and ready to face the 14th General Election (GE14), which the party anticipates will be held earliest by September.

Its election committee director Datuk Mustafa Ali believes the polls would only be called after the Parliament approves the Election Commission's proposed redelineation exercise in its July sitting.

"Should the Barisan Nasional government fail to dissolve the Parliament by June 2018, it would dissolve by itself to pave the way for GE14.

"As such, we expect the polls to be held earliest by this September and the latest before next June," he said in his winding up speech at the 63rd national Pas general assembly (muktamar) today.

Mustafa added that all state Pas committees have been told to submit their list of candidates for GE14 to be evaluated by the central party leadership.

In the speech, Mustafa also reminded Pas delegates and members to pay attention to three factors to secure the party's victory in GE14.

"We must win the hearts and minds of the public, in particular the voters, make sure the election machinery is well-oiled, and to pick winable candidates to represent the party," he said.