Pas' move to sever ties with PKR, end talks with PPBM too hasty: Mahfuz


ALOR STAR: Pas should not be too hasty in wanting to sever political ties with PKR or halt talks with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, said its Pokok Sena MP Datuk Mahfuz Omar today.

The former Pas vice president said by doing so, the party is only putting itself at risk of creating enemies among the opposition.

He said instead of ostricising itself from the people and the country's politics by making such stand, Pas should have used the 63rd Muktamar to consolidate its image in the eyes of the public, particular among the Malay vote base.

“I am disappointed that Pas failed to handle the issue (political relationship) smoothly…I am afraid that the party will lose more votes from the Malays, including those who have supported the party in the previous general election,” he said when contacted.

Yesterday, the 1,200 national Pas delegates unanimously passed a motion to sever ties with PKR, subjected to an approval by its Syura Council, the party's highest decision making body.

Mahfuz also said that there is nothing wrong for the party to work with PPBM, as long as it helps Pas to win more seats in the 14th General Election (GE14).

Mahfuz said history has proven that Pas had achieved favourable results when working with Umno splinter parties, citing Semangat 46 (S46) as an example, which saw Pas wresting Kelantan in the 1990 national polls.

Mahfuz reiterated that despite his close relationship with PPBM, he remains loyal to Pas.

"I want to show members that even if Pas and its leaders are not with Pakatan Harapan, there is nothing wrong for a member, even if he is still in the party, to support the opposition coalition." he said.

Mahfuz has been sidelined for openly criticising Pas leaders for refusing to work with the Pakatan Harapan coalition.