Pas delegate wants law against inciter of racial tension


ALOR STAR: Pas delegates today approved a motion calling for the government to enforce the law against those who incite racial tension.

The delegates at the 63rd Pas Muktamar accepted the motion by Pas Youth representative Muhammad Ibrahim, who wanted the government to form an multiracial committee to address issues pertaining to racial and religious sensitivities.

"We also urge the party leadership to strongly condemn the acts by DAP and others who have been raising racial sentiments.

"Of late, we've seen irresponsible quarters such as DAP, Parti Amanah Negara (PAN), MIC, MCA, Gerakan and others being very vocal and have insulted Islam and Muslim sensitivities," he said.

"Now, we see DAP trying to prevent the entry of religious teachers to Sarawak, and also trying to meddle in the implementation of fatwa.

"We don't want a repeat of May 13, a black mark in our history," he said.

He then took an apparent jab at Pas' splinter group PAN, after he congratulating the Pas Supporters' Club for remaining with the Islamic party.

"We must congratulate the Pas Supporters' Club who are still 'istiqamah' (being consistent) with Pas, unlike those who have left us, taking with them the seats they won under the party's name."

Pas, through its mature and harmonious political culture, Muhammad said had taken a "friendly" approach to safeguard the rights of the non-Muslims.

This approach, he said, had long been practiced by Pas in Kelantan.

"Be it the Chinese, Indians, Siamese or Orang Asli, everyone have been given freedom to practise their religions." he said.