Pas demands apology from Penang gov't for meddling in Islamic affairs


BUKIT MERTAJAM: Penang Pas is demanding that the state government apologise to all Muslims in Penang for interfering in Islamic affairs.

Penang Pas commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusof said the state government and the DAP have no business meddling in Islamic matters, including in the issuance of fatwas, in the state.

"They (want) all fatwas in the state to go through the state exco meeting committee, which has 12 members, including the Chief Minister, who is a non-Muslim. There are only three Muslims in the committee," he said at the Penang Pas convention here, today.

Muhammad Fauzi added that three fatwas passed by other states have yet to be passed in Penang, as the government here has been dragging its feet on the issue, claiming that it is “not suitable” for Muslims in the state.

He added that the three fatwas are a ban on Muslims taking part in beauty contests, a ban on smoking shisha, and a matter related to tanah wakaf in the state.

“We want them to stop interfering with Islamic affairs and drop the state ruling that all fatwas have to go through them first," he said.

Muhammad Fauzi also claimed that the state government’s projects to expand the island through land reclamation are ruining the ecosystem, and will have a negative impact on people's livelihoods.

"The natural habitats of marine creatures are being ruined, and fish supplies have dropped, causing prices to go up," he said, adding that he dubs the new islands created by DAP as “DAP's dream islands”.

"These projects will eliminate traditional fishing villages. What will happen to those who cannot afford the luxury homes being built on DAP's dream islands? Where will they go?" he asked.

Muhammad Fauzi suggested that all projects that directly impact the people must first be studied thoroughly, including via working with the federal government.