Pas members now stand at almost 900,000


ALOR STAR: The number of Pas members has increased to almost 900,000 people, with Kedah holding the highest number at almost 175,000 people.

Pas secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said this was also helped by online registration programmes introduced by the party.

He said, in the last four months, Pas recorded almost 20,000 new registrations with an average of 5,000 people per month.

" We had hoped to register one million members before the Muktamar but we could only reach about 900,000," he said in his winding up speech during the 63rd Muktamar Pusat here today.

Takiyuddin said the party also planned to introduce a programme - Ahli Pengundi Cawangan (Branch Member Voter) to register new members and voters at the party's 7,500 branches nationwide.

Takiyuddin said Pas also has set up selection committees at central and state levels to standardise the election process at all level.

On a proposal made by a Pas delegate from Kalabakan, Sabah on uniform guidelines on leaders' views and the presidential stand, he said the party has agreed that only the party president, deputy president and secretary-general would be allowed to issue a statement about the party.

"It does not mean that other leaders do not share the same view with party leaders. It can be measured through their involvement in programmes and activities attended by the top party leaders," he said.