Pas MPs overjoyed at Hadi's tabling of RUU355 amendment


KUALA LUMPUR: Pas’ Members of Parliament expressed delight over today’s tabling of party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang's private member's bill to empower the Syariah Court.

Pas secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan told reporters that despite the negative perception, the Islamic party was willing to meet halfway with other MPs on the punishments.

"The three provisions are the only amendments. We are willing to meet them halfway because as we said, our proposal in the amendment are the maximum punishment, so we can debate to reduce it.

"It's not compulsory for anyone to adopt this because they can change the maximum punishment which is up to the states. This is what I will tell Parliament today," he said.

Pas vice-president Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi confirmed Takiyuddin's remark and said that they are flexible to changes.

He said, in the amendment, there are two points to be considered, which are the compulsory amendment and the flexible ones.

"On whipping, it is stated in the religion, so that's the compulsory one while on the RM100,000 fine, that's a flexible amendment.”

Fellow Pas vice-president Idris Ahmad said he was glad that the party managed to send their message across the nation today to correct any wrong information.

"To us this is a huge success because all this while, the public didn't get a clear picture as they were informed of our efforts by Pas' enemies who disagreed with this amendment.

"This included Muslim MPs who purposely refuse to understand our effort by making a big issue out of it and manipulating the people out there," he said.