Pas rejects motion to vet, interview candidates for top posts


ALOR STAR: A motion titled "Organisation and party empowerment: Streamlining the selection process" moved at Pas' 63rd Muktamar was rejected today, as it was deemed “unconstitutional”.

Tabled by Bukit Katil Pas delegate, Ismail Ahmad, the motion proposed that all leaders appointed for critical posts in Pas’ Central Committee must pass through certain stages before they could hold said positions.

He suggested, for instance, that appointees provide their résumés and undergo an interview process in order that the party can ensure the high quality of its leaders.

"We want righteous and devoted leaders to helm the Pas leadership, so we can achieve success in this world and in the afterlife.

"This is because there are efforts by some quarters to destroy Pas, and we realise that there's a way for us to fight this," Ismail said when tabling the motion at Kompleks Pas Kedah here, today

However, Pas secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the party’s constitution holds that the power to appoint individuals for critical posts lies with Pas President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

He said while the motion demonstrates that Pas delegates are making an effort to help improve the party, the constitution would need to be amended before the motion could be accepted.

"(And) actually, when we appoint people for these posts, we consider their ability and experience. We don't simply select anyone to hold the critical positions," Takiyuddin told delegates.

Ismail's motion was seconded by Tangga Batu Pas delegate, Ahmad Muzzamil Khairi, who claimed that some of Pas’ leaders were appointed "just for the sake of having someone".

He said the party should be rigorous in its appointment process, since it aims to take control of Putrajaya in the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).

But Pengkalan Chepa Pas delegate, Nik Baharom Nik Abdullah, opposed the idea, saying that it is the president's prerogative to appoint anyone for the secretary-general, treasurer, information chief and election director posts.

Kuala Kedah Pas delegate, Abdul Aziz Husin, agreed with Nik Baharom and expressed concern over the possibility that the party would not be able to find viable candidates for important posts if they have to go through interviews.

"I don't think this is (feasible), because in some areas, we can barely get people to even be evaluated. So Kuala Kedah opposes this motion.

"All this while, we have been fighting against Barisan Nasional, and we still managed to produce amazing leaders," Abdul Aziz added.

Due to the objections, and concerns raised on issues of constitutionality, Ismail withdrew his motion.