Pas says DAP is confused for not signing MACC's corruption-free pledge


BUTTERWORTH: The DAP-led state government’s refusal take the Corruption-Free pledge (IBR) shows that it is confused and muddled over its own principle, said Penang Pas commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusof.

“It is as if, DAP is confirming the general doubt against them.

“The refusal to take the pledge was even more disappointing as it appeared to be a signal that the party was not with the others in the war against corruption.

“Is it because DAP has been infected with that (corruption) disease and it was too embarrassed to be committed (in the pledge)?,” he said in a statement.

Last Wednesday, the Penang state government said that the principles of its Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) policy, which has been implemented in the state since 2008, is more effective in efforts to eradicate corruption and abuse of power, as opposed to the IBR.

That statement was made following Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad statement last Monday, which noted how the three Opposition-led state governments of Penang, Selangor and Kelantan had yet to take the pledge and sign the IBR.

This week, the Kelantan PAS government is expected to take-up the IBR pledge.