Pas Ulama delegates accept motion to sever ties with PKR


ALOR STAR: Pas Ulama delegates today accepted a motion to sever ties with PKR.

The matter, however, would be left for the party's highest decision body, the Syura Council, to decide.

A Negri Sembilan delegate, Mohamad Hussaini Hussin, said the delegates no longer wanted more "studies" on the matter, but a decision on whether to end ties or not.

"They keep attacking us. And we have sacrificed a lot, but they have betrayed the trust of the people and the party.

"The PKR leadership does not appreciate the sacrifices of our machinery, who had helped them for two terms during elections… they continue to attack us," he said when presenting the motion at the Ulama assembly, here today.

Hussaini said during elections, in Rembau for example, PKR placed their posters and flags at Pas' headquarters.

"On the basis of tahaluf siyasi (political cooperation) and comradeship, we helped them.

"But how are we to put up with them if they continue to backstab us and condemn us? It is better that we find others (to cooperate with)."

Ulama information chief Datuk Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali later said the tahaluf siyasi between Pas and PKR will be decided by the Syura council, based on the party constitution.