Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council refutes claims that they’re trying to remove beloved community cat

The Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPGTC) have responded to a viral petition going around that claims that the town council is on a quest to remove a community cat that has been a familiar sight in the neighborhood for years.

The petition — with over 17,000 signatures as of writing — urged the Pasir Ris office of the town council to stop its hunt of Ginger the cat. The campaign noted that the town council was acting on a resident’s complaint that accused the cat of scratching his/her car thanks to the critter’s habit of sitting on the roofs of vehicles. The authors of the petition took issue with the fact that there was no concrete evidence of Ginger causing the scratch marks.

Now, PRPGTC has denied that there was any attempt to remove or relocate the cat from its usual stomping grounds of Block 116, Pasir Ris Street 11.

“The Town Council would like to clarify that we have been working with Cat Welfare Society and volunteers on this feedback,” noted PRPGTC in their statements about the petition.

“We would like to reassure the public that it has never been our intention, nor we have in any way threatened to remove or relocate the cat”.

A commenter mentioned that it was an HDB officer who first notified Pasir Ris Street 11 residents about the case.

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The residents are really affected by the alleged news of Ginger’s removal.

“Ginger is known to be a well-behaved feline in this neighborhood, loved by many of us, including passers-by,” the petition’s authors noted. “He is quite the community star who loves to be stroked by those who knew him and strangers alike, especially before or after a long commute, after a hard’s day at work, on the way home.”

An update yesterday afternoon urged folks not to go looking for Ginger as it might cause him unnecessary distress.

We’ve reached out to the petition’s authors to get their response to PRPGTC’s statement.

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