Path adds hashtags to iOS app for easier searches

Photo-sharing application Path has added hashtag support to its iOS app for easier searches.

Path is, essentially, a social network that users can make as private, or as public, as they like. It is driven primarily by photo content with a small caption that users upload to the app, though users can also share maps, messages or musical tracks.

On March 26 Path updated its iOS to include hashtag support, in the manner of other social networking sites such as Twitter or Flickr. The hashtag feature enables users to search across posts, known as "moments" on Path, collecting, in the same manner as say Twitter, all posts tagged with, for example, "#sunset".

This new feature is designed to make it easier for users to search for a common theme or thread and, given that Path is designed to be used among only small groups of close friends, should produce accurate content compared to hashtag searches on Twitter.

Following a Wall Street Journal report earlier in March it is rumored that Facebook is also planning on introducing hashtags as part of its experience, though there is no indication yet as to when this service will be introduced to the world's largest social network.

Download the Path app at:


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